Baimeni: Natural Products that Work for you and your wallet!

What a crazy time. It’s been awhile since my last post and, wow, have I been busy!

Finally, my son has been medically diagnosed as Autistic (about time! We have been chasing this diagnosis for the better part of 8 years), I went to Sydney and spent ten whole days with my best friend and her family (yay) and my beautiful husband brought me a brand new car (First brand new car ever). Unfortunately, since returning from Sydney my household has been sick (just a cold).

But what my last month did bring me was an amazing amount of time to try out my Baimeni products.

So without further ado lets get into it 😘

The Product

Baimeni Facial
Baimeni toner, cleanser, and hydrating serum.

Baimeni Illuminating Apple Cider Vinegar & Aloe Vera Toner ($11.50), Nourishing Honey Face Cleanser ($10.00), Hydrating eye & Face serum with Hyaluronic Acid ($25.00).
Theses three can be brought in a bundle for $46.50.

About the products!

All Baimeni products are 100% Natural, Cruelty free, non-toxic, certified sustainable Palm oil as well as being free from Sulphate, Paraben, Lanolin, artificial colours or fragrances.
The products are Australian owned and made. The honey used in there products is Australian sourced in Victoria.

I’m not sure about you guys, but that, to me makes Baimeni an incredible company.
My favourite product is the Nourishing Honey face Cleanser ($10.00)
the is product is amazing! It contains nothing but Raw, Unprocessed, Cold Extracted, Unfiltered, Unblended honey!

Baimeni Honey
Baimeni Honey Cleanser

That’s right honey! It smells and tastes amazing and leaves your skin feeling incredible. Why honey? Well honey is a greatly misunderstood creation. It naturally nourishes and moisturises skin, has antioxidants in it as well as antibacterial and anti microbial properties.

It tastes great on toast too!

The honey cleanser can be used in conjunction with the Illuminating Apple Cider Vinegar & Aloe Vera Toner ($11.50),
Which has a strong scent. With the apple cider and lavender oil it is unmistakable. It left my skin feeling tight, clean and a little dry. But it also leaves it cleaner and clearer then before.
According to the Baimeni, it aids oily and acne-prone skin by treating acne and reducing redness and on dry or normal skin, Baimeni Apple Cider Vinegar and Aloe Vera Toner helps exfoliate the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

I can definitely vouch for their claims. I have combination skin and I’m left for days feeling like my skin is under control and that’s only using the products once. I was curious to see how long my skin would feel fantastic. I only used water to wash my face and it only began to get funky after 3 days.

How to use!!

To use this cleanser it’s simple!
Remove Makeup
Dampen face
Measure out ½ teaspoon of cleanser and massage into skin. Use small circles in an upwards direction. This allows for increased blood flow and the upwards direction helps with skin tightening. After all why help gravity do its job.
You can, at this point, either leave the cleanser on for twenty minutes as a mask or use a warm damp cloth to remove the cleanser.
It’s very relaxing when using as a mask.

It’s also suggested to use Baimeni Illuminating Apple Cider Vinegar & Aloe Vera Toner and Baimeni Hydrating eye & Face serum with Hyaluronic Acid after using the Nourishing Honey Face Cleanser.
I use the combo before applying my make up and it’s always smooth and sets naturally against the skin. The Baimeni combo has yet to fail aiding me with a flawless look when I’m going out.

To use the toner
Simply cleanse as above.
Add small amount of toner to cotton ball ( I use a foundation sponge, the feel of cotton balls make me sick and my skin crawl) glide over fave and neck ( make sure to avoid the eyes) and follow with the facial serum.

To use the Facial serum
Cleanse face (as above)
Apply serum all over eye, face and neck, morning and night
( Follow with a moisturiser Or SPF)

The Results!!

Baimeni Results
Baimeni Cleanser Results…wow

Fantastically relaxed and moisturised skin. Not to mention the added bonus of feeling mentally relaxed.
My skin becomes increasingly softer, smoother, and takes on a wonderful glow of health after the use of Baimeni Illuminating Apple Cider Vinegar & Aloe Vera Toner, Nourishing Honey Face Cleanser, Hydrating eye & Face serum with Hyaluronic Acid.

Where Can I Get One??

Would I recommend Baimeni?

Yes I would.
It’s affordable and works a treat. You have the added bonus of knowing it good to you and the environment.


I am in no way affiliated with these brands, the above are based on my opinions, experience and research.

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